I teach and research philosophy at the London School of Economics, having recently completed my PhD at University College London.

My research focuses primarily on utilitarianism and socialism: my PhD thesis (available here) argues that recognising the social nature of persons makes utilitarianism more defensible.

I’m also interested in effective altruism, population ethics, Marxism, the ethics of data, the philosophy of race and gender, and the nature of normativity, morality and politics.

I’m a co-editor of ‘What to do about now?’ – where we investigate the philosophical side of current affairs. I also run a Fantasy Premier League for philosophers. Email me if you want to participate in either of these enterprises!

My preferred pronouns are he/him. My name is pronounced as an English speaker would pronounce ‘Nick-ill Venn-cat-esh’. You can find me on Twitter here, and email me at n.venkatesh2@lse.ac.uk.

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